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Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair Computer Chair Desk Chair, Adjustable Headrests Chair Backrest and Armrest’s Mesh Chair (Black)

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SIHOO Product Features
★ The headrest of this chair has two adjustment functions: up and down, rotation, according to your height characteristics to adjust
the position of the headrest in order to achieve an accurate fit neck effect.
★ The integrated seatback bracket passed strict push back test and firmly supports the shoulder. Can be up and down, before and
after the two-way fine-tuned health lumbar pillow, so that the pressure between the lumbar intervertebral pressure to ease,
give you a custom-like support to enjoy.
★ The ergonomic W-shaped seating design greatly increases the cushion support area and effectively distracts the buttocks pressure,
making the office sedentary easy and comfortable. The seat cushion is made of soft cotton and the original cotton and used
in combination, soft and elastic, and the sedentary is not easily deformed. Long life, more durable elasticity.
★ The fabric used for the seats is Tiida Mesh, which has better tensile strength than ordinary mesh fabrics and is excellent in
scratch resistance. It can keep the seats clean and tidy.
★ The office chair has a 10cm lifting and 360° rotation function, and the smart performance is also excellent, allowing you to
randomly change in the working environment.
★ The 120° rear-adjustment function allows you to gently open the rest mode when you are tired.
★ The high-strength alloy air pressure rod used in the chair has a wall thickness of 1.5mm and is verified by strict lifting
tests to ensure its quality and safety.
★ The chair wheel slides smoothly and is thickened with a PU edging, which does not scratch the floor when moving.

  • ★【Features】Two-way adjustable lumbar pillow and headrest allow for complete fine-tuning of support based on personal preferences, 90°-125°degree reclining backrest adjustable for multiple work positions, 10cm (3.9 in.) of seat pad vertical adjustment and 360°-degree swivel capability. Ultra-soft cotton cushion is comfortable and resists sagging and sinking
  • ★ 【Ergonomic Design】Recognized by the Ergonomics Application Association for providing ergonomic designs based on extensive research conducted with digital models of the human body. The angles of the backrest and human spine have been designed for a perfect match. The results are a well-fitting chair that helps to dramatically release spinal pressure. The lower seating pad includes thigh support for long periods of use.
  • ★ 【Premium Materials】For the backrest, we’ve incorporated a specially-selected mesh cloth with high tensile strength and breathability properties. For mobility, thickened PU rubber castors roll and glide smoothly across the floor and won’t scrape or scratch flooring surfaces.
  • ★ 【Research】SIHOO is the realization of decades of research conducted by professionals in the human body and physiology, product design, and mechanical engineering. We do our absolute best to make sure the smallest details are designed with comfort and safety for each customer. Every aspect of our chairs has been assessed with strict safety and quality testing, including but not limited to cushion impact tests, handrail fatigue tests, and chair-frame static pressure tests, to ensure a product that exceeds expectations.
  • ★ 【Warranty】Product warranty period is one year. If there are any quality problems, please contact us. After confirming, we will provide a replacement part or product for you. SIHOO provides full parts coverage for the three years of the warranty period, at zero cost for you!

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